Helping Peace Thrive

Students at Marquette’s Center for Peacemaking learn skills to understand and address conflict.
Center for Peacemaking Director Pat Kennelly, right, talks through programming and impact.

“With the world as it is, a place like Marquette, which is training people toward peace, is a place we want to see thrive. We’re excited to help in any small way we can and to encourage others.” — John Byrne, Arts ‘78

Peacemaking leaders who learn through the center go on to make a difference in communities.

“If you share the Jesuit idea of helping society, a gift to Marquette in any way, shape or form will help to expand that. Marquette has a great track-record and a fantastic alumni network.” — John Byrne, Arts ‘78




#WeAreMarquette #BeTheDifference

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Marquette University

Marquette University

#WeAreMarquette #BeTheDifference

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