Alumni couple supports community research at Center for Peacemaking

When John and Sue Byrne’s daughter, Jennifer, did an internship at the Center for Peacemaking during her graduate studies at Marquette, it offered eye-opening perspectives for the Byrne family.

“I was fascinated with the scope of the center’s work and what…

Supporting students through room and board

Cristo Rey students stand ready for their Marquette experiences.

“A large percentage of Cristo Rey students are the first in their families to go to high school and almost always the first to go to college. When you give these students a real chance to go to the college or university of their…

See what was going on, and what our Golden Eagles liked during 2021.

Sharing Prayers

After sharing an excerpt from President Lovell’s message to campus on his recent diagnosis of sarcoma, the Marquette community came together to give their prayers and thoughts to President Lovell.

Milwaukee: City Of Champions!

One of the top liked posts on our Instagram page was congratulating the Milwaukee Bucks on their Championship win this…

Marquette becomes a research site for a national center seeking solutions to the problem of too much — and too little — phosphorus.

By Tracy Staedter

“It’s the problem nobody is talking about,” says Dr. Brooke Mayer, associate professor of civil, construction and environmental engineering.

She means phosphorus, a chemical element with the symbol “P” that is vital to life and critical for crops. Unfortunately, there’s way too much of it polluting lakes…

Illustration by Michael Austin

Supported by Marquette’s largest-ever federal award for water research, the new In Defense of Water program brings together collaborators from Marquette and the U.S. Army Engineer Research and Development Center to address water quality challenges and promote healthier environments for troops and civilians.

By Stephen Filmanowicz

About five years ago, Marquette faculty members specializing in water research began meeting monthly during the academic year as part of Marquette’s participation in Milwaukee’s Global Water Center. As colleagues briefed one another on projects underway in their labs, their scientific approaches and research aspirations, they quickly…

Dr. Chung Hoon Lee. Photo by John Nienhuis.

As a water research center co-founded by Marquette receives a new round of federal support, its model of industry-university collaboration yields a Marquette researcher’s lead sensor that five companies have agreed to license.

By Tracy Staedter

Like many academic researchers, Dr. Chung Hoon Lee, associate professor of electrical and computer engineering, understands that exciting new technologies emerging from university labs may not always attract much interest from businesses. Lee, who joined Marquette’s faculty in 2008 and holds six patents for sensing technology, found…

Medical laboratory science professor leads study analyzing telehealth and its impact on the African American population.

Photo by National Cancer Institute on Unsplash.

By Anna Wallace, communication intern in the Office of Marketing and Communication

Dr. Nilanjan Lodh is an assistant professor in the Department of Medical Laboratory Science at the College of Health Sciences. Lodh is the principal investigator of a project aimed at determining the health and well-being of the African…

Edited by Dr. Jennifer S. Maney, director of Marquette University’s Center for Teaching and Learning, and Dr. Melissa M. Shew, visiting associate professor of philosophy in the Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

“On the Vocation of the Educator in This Moment” captures a specific moment in time as educators across the country and around the world were called to rethink their pedagogical strategies and vocations

On the Vocation of the Educator in this Moment was written in Spring 2021 and published in November 2021 in conjunction with Marquette University Press. The volume of over 30 Marquette University authors reflects in personal and scholarly ways on teaching during our current time of various crises, living the…

Co-Written by Dr. Heather Hlavka, associate professor of social and cultural studies in Marquette University’s Klingler College of Arts and Sciences

“Bodies in Evidence: Race, Gender, and Science in Sexual Assault Adjudication” is available Nov. 9, 2021, from NYU Press

Bodies in Evidence draws on observations of over 680 court appearances in Milwaukee County’s felony sexual assault courts, as well as interviews with judges, attorneys, forensic scientists, jurors, sexual assault nurse examiners, and victim advocates. It shows how forensic science helps to propagate public misunderstandings of sexual violence by bestowing…

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